Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Prosedure to get Police Clearance Report ( SKCK) for oversea usage

Ones of Document should be prepared before you go to oversea to get RP (Resident Permit) is Police Clearance Report ( SKCK versi english utk istilah indonesia ).

Step by Step Process;
1. Ask to your RT/RW to get " Surat Pengantar ". This document used to ask SKCK form at "Kelurahan".
2. Ask SKCK Form to "Kelurahan" with bring "Surat pengantar" at item 1 on top. ( usually you must pay 20K for administration, depend on ).

So far your process was finish for first stage.
Next you must go to "Polres" and "Mabes Polri" to ask "SKCK" in english version.

3. Going to "Polres" to ask SKCK form to bring to "Mabes Polri".
Preparation needed was:
a. Photo color 4x6 ( 5 ) , 2 photos for Finger Print and 3 photos for SKCK
b. Fill Personal Form Information ( form already provide by Polres). Make sure you bring all information about Education, Bird date and Place, Jobs and name for all your family ( Your Parent, Wife's parent, your brothers and kids).
c. copy of "Kartu keluarga"
d. take finger print at same place.

After you completed all process at polres, you will get " SKCK" letter. Usually process need 2 hours and prepare money to pay administration cost 20K and 10K at finger print staff.

Now you can continue to ask Police Clearance at Mabes Polri.
Before you go make sure all requirement already prepared before.
a. Photo Color 4x6 ( 3 )
b. Copy of Passport
c. Copy of "Kartu Keluarga" ( I am not sure but better prepared)
d. SKCK Letter from Polres and write down your destination country.

Place all letters at big envelope and fixed then just give to staff at INTELPAM Mabes Polri.
so far your process finis and you can get your Police Clearance Report for one day working hours.

Tips & Tricks ;
1. Prepare many Photo Colour.
2. Prepare pieces of money ( 10K and 20K ).
3. Prepare family information like as date birth and place, last education, jobs etc for parent, wife's parent, brothers, kids.

So far process is easy and no need too much money. Good Luck


Anonymous said...

Cak Joyo,

thansk for sharing information above. It's very useful for us who want to process the Police Clearance.


Cak Joyo said...

sama2 pak... silahkan di sharing juga jika proses diatas tidak sesuai utk update info bagi yg lain.... siapa tau prosesnya berubah...ini kan sudah lama skali...

Anonymous said...

Cak Joyo,
Apa harus ke Mabes Polri? Bukannya cukup di Polda saja?