Monday, May 16, 2016

*Procedures laid down for repatriating bodies*

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_Source: Gulf Times 16 May 2016_

*Procedures laid down for repatriating bodies*

The repatriation and burial procedures at the new Humanitarian Services 
Office, located near the Hamad 
General Hospital Mortuary, will 
be provided through teamwork 
between several ministries and 
These are the Ministry of In-
terior (MoI) - security depart-
ments, police stations and the 
forensic centre, Ministry of 
Public Health (MoPH), Ministry 
of Foreign Aff airs (MoFA) - de-
partment of consular aff airs, 
Hamad Medical Corporation 
(HMC), Qatar Airways and Pub-
lic Prosecution, as well as co-or-
dinators from diff erent embas-
sies and consulates, according to 
a statement from the MoI.

The new office was formally 
opened yesterday to provide 
simplifi ed procedures for the 
repatriation of the bodies of 
expatriates who die in Qatar 
and also for their local burial, if 

The procedures to be followed 
are as follows, along with docu-
ments that need to be provided:
*1. HMC (counters 1 and 2 at the 
office)* - produce the passport of 
the deceased and ID of the per-
son who reports the death, fill up 
the death registration form and 
collect the death report issued 
by the doctor concerned.
*2. MoPH (counters 3 and 4)*: 
collect the death report issued 
by the HMC, collect the pass-
port of the deceased, collect the 
ID of the person who reports the 
death, collect the death registra-
tion form, collect the consent 
form of handing over the body - 
issued by the police (if the death 
occurred outside the hospital). 
The MoPH issues the death 
certificate, embalming certifi -
cate and documents for repatri-
ating bodies (letter to Customs, 
letter to a health department 
official in the country of the de-
ceased and letter to mortuary). It 
is also responsible for issuance 
of the death declaration.
*3. MoI (counters 5, 6 and 7)*: 
issuance of the “To whom it may 
concern” certificate, cancella-
tion of the residence permit (RP) 
of the deceased and exit permit 
for the bodies. 
Documents required for can-
cellation of the RP are a copy of 
the death certifi cate, RP cancel-
lation application, copy of the 
ID of the sponsor, original ID or 
original ID missing report and 
passport of the deceased. 
Documents needed to obtain 
“To whom it may concern” cer-
tifi cate are a copy of the death 
certifi cate, copy of the embalm-
ing certifi cate, copy of the death 
report and a letter from the police of the death if it took place 
outside the hospital. 
Documents required to get the 
exit permit for bodies are the exit 
declaration, death certifi cate, 
passport of the deceased and RP 
*4. Qatar Airways (counter 8)*: 
here, the “cargo policy” is to be 
issued along with the ticket for 
the person accompanying the 
*5. Documents required by the embassy of the country of the 
deceased* are a copy of the death certificate, copy of the death re-
port and the “To whom it may 
concern” certificate issued by 
the MoI.
The consular affairs depart-
ment at MoFA will facilitate co-
ordination between the offi ce 
and embassies for the issuance of a no-objection certifi cate (from 
the embassy concerned) in order 
to repatriate the body outside the 
country as soon as possible, the 
MoI statement notes.
Following are the contact de-
tails of different counters at the 
office: MoI - 40253371, 40253372 
and 40253369, MoPH- 40253370 
and 40253364, HMC - 40253368 
and 40253365, and Qatar Airways 
- 40253374. The fax number of 
the offi ce is 40380855.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

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